March 27, 2017


Life is magical!

VONDOM enters the Red Wall, the labyrinthine building by Bofill located in the Mediterranean town of Calp. A magical space of eclectic architecture where the imagination soars, the breeze of the Mediterranean sea relaxes you and the light on the colorful walls makes you feel like being in a dream.

Relax, fun and avant-garde. These are the priorities of VONDOM and that’s why The Red Wall house has been the perfect setting for our new 2017 campaign. The synergies produced between this architecture and Vondom’s avant-garde designs generated magical images.

Its patios which lead us to labyrinths full of stairs, communicated between them by towers, are the ideal scenarios for the exclusive pieces of the Spanish brand.

The pieces created by great masters of the design world melt with the building bathed by the Mediterranean sea. Watching the building from above, a spectacular geometric labyrinth in the shape of a Latin cross can be seen; Red, pink and blue colors combine with the landscape, evoking the sea, the earth and the sky. Without a doubt, an ideal atmosphere to enjoy the outdoor life.

With this experience we have tested our products in a complex architecture: changing, colorful and with peculiar forms and we have proudly verified that our products are dynamic and speak any language, even the language of dreams.

From Vondom we invite you to dream with us and to make everyday’s life something great, fun and beautiful.

Photos by Xavi Gordo.


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