Dermatology and design

Dermatology Clinic Dermanence

Dermanence Hautarzt, a facility specialized in dermatology, is located in Bahnhofstrasse (Zürich). The main goal of this space for pampering the body is to achieve natural results. Additionally, special attention is paid to creating an atmosphere that conveys the elegance and professionalism the clinic is known for.

The facility, which covers more than 270 square meters, features open-layout common areas, designer furniture and the latest technology to ensure patients receive the best service.

With this in mind, they have decided to furnish the clinic using pieces from the prestigious Spanish brand VONDOM.

Upon entering, the first thing we see is the majestic bar, its geometric mineral shapes add a sense of warmth and serenity to the clinic’s lobby, underscoring the importance given to design and details at Dermanence Hautarzt.

Some of our new models can also be seen in the waiting room. Once again, the Faz collection by Ramón Esteve makes an appearance. The Faz armchairs and bench come together to shape and add comfort to the room.

Just like in the waiting room, the consultation room is also equipped with these VONDOM armchairs, which match the space’s white finishes perfectly.

In addition to the Faz collection, the Biophilia lounge chairs, table and chair by the designer Ross Lovegrove are also used. This collection explores a new language and gives life to a series of pieces featuring an array of unusual shapes.

In summary, this center for dermatology and aesthetics gives design the importance it deserves to create pleasant, welcoming and professional settings.


Zurich, Swiss

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