Blow Collection

BLOW Collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni comes from the willing to develop a new family of products in tune with the Pillow family but different in typology.
Whether the PILLOW cushion is “L” bent, in its most simplified conceptual essence, BLOW is a product family that offers a related concept starting from the back-shaped PILLOW that folds forward to create the arms. BLOW springs from the idea of the inflated cushion, offering the more traditional type of easy chair and sofa with armrests.
Its comfort as well as its material character permit their use in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

stefano giovannoni & elisa gargan

Stefano Giovanoni, architecte, industriel et décorateur, vit et travaille à Milan. Il travaille comme designer industriel en concevant de nombreux best-sellers emblématiques et des produits commercialement réussis. Elisa Gargan, industrielle et designer d'intérieur, est la partenaire et la femme de Stefano. Elisa & Stefano travaillent ensemble pour de nombreuses entreprises célèbres.