Joaquín Torres (* 1969) – Rafael Llamazares (* 1970), Espagne. A-cero Joaquín Torres entreprise d’architectes établie en 1996 dont l’activité se concentre sur le développement complet de projets d’architecture. L’équipe humaine, dirigée par Joaquín Torres et son partenaire Rafael Llamazares, a augmenté au cours de l’année écoulée et compte plus de 60 professionnels répartis dans différents bureaux Espagne (1), Emirats Arabes Unis (1), République Dominicaine (1) , Travaillant actuellement sur des projets de grandeur différente. «Notre méthode de travail repose sur une analyse détaillée des besoins des clients et du programme de projets: nous imaginons, projetons et persuaderons. “La clé de notre succès est que nous nous en tenons à l’idée initiale tout au long du processus.


Who really are you? A-cero?

R.L. _Rafael Llamazares is a professional person who is dedicated, heart and
soul to architecture.
J.T._I’m a man who tries to live quietly and with as much dignity as possible.

What do you think of when you hear the word plastic?

_ For us Plastic means VONDOM

What is your favourite colour?


Which Vondom item from another desiner would you put in your home?

_Apart from our designs for Vondom I find the Ramon Esteve Collection the
most interesting.

What do you prefer, classic or science fiction movies?

R.L. _ I prefer science fiction, I really like the movie “Tron”, both the original
and the Remake.
J.T._If it’s a good movie it doesn’t matter whether it’s science fiction or

Do you have any fetish object?

R.L. _The Barcelona Daybed by Mies.
J.T._The Barcelona Chair by Mies Van Der Rohe.

What was the last thing you bought?

R.L. _ A bicycle I bought in Kapelmur.
J.T._A seventeenth century Indian lattice window

Do you believe in perfection?

_We believe that by being constant in our daily work we can get closer to the
path of perfection.

Do you have any fixation or quirky habit?

R.L._I’m a little bit fanatical about organization in work, both mine and that of
my team.
J.T._Just one! If only it were just one…..

What do you do when you’re not designing?

_Oh, lots of things! Studio projects, keeping in touch with family and friends,
travel. Well, just living really.

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