Fabio Novembre

Lecce, Italie. 1966.
Il est né à Lecce en 1966. Il a déménagé à Milan en 1984, où il a obtenu en 1992 un diplôme en architecture. En 1993, il a vécu à New York, où il a assisté à un cours de tournage de film à l’Université de New York. En 1994, il a été chargé de concevoir son premier projet: le magasin “Anna Molinari Blumarine” à Londres. La même année, il ouvre son propre studio à Milan. De 2000 à 2003, il a travaillé comme directeur artistique chez Bisazz a, contribuant à la croissance internationale de la marque mosaïque.


Who really are you?

_Since 1966, I’ve responded to those who call me Fabio Novembre. Since 1992, I’ve responded to those who also call me “architect”. I cut out spaces in the vacuum by blowing air bubbles, and I make gifts of sharpened pins so as to insure I never put on airs. My lungs are imbued with the scent of places that I’ve breathed, and when I hyperventilate it’s only so I can remain in apnea for awhile. As though I were pollen, I let myself go with the wind, convinced I’m able to seduce everything that surrounds me.
I want to breathe till I choke.
I want to love till I die.

What do you think of when you hear the word plastic?

_Literally, plastic means “capable of being shaped” and that’s exactly what is my feeling when I approach a design in plastic. There’s an expressive freedom that rarely happens with other materials.

What is your favourite colour?

_The rainbow.

Which Vondom item from another designer would you put in your home?

_When I go through the Vondom catalogue, I realize that it’s full of designers friends of mine, so it’s hard for me to choose only one.

What do you prefer, classic or science fiction movies?

_Since I chose Fellini as my spirtual mentor and with the very first money I made I bought an original photo of Fellini shooting on the set of 81/2 …… I guess I’d say classic.

Do you have any fetish object?

_My rings, I suppose.

What is the last thing you have bought?

_An artwork from an artist.

Do you believe in perfection?

_There’s an idea of perfection related to the human body that in most religions defines the image of God. Let’s say I prefer Goddesses, and that in all art history I follow traces of divine in the representation of the naked female body. From Courbet’s “L’origine du monde” to my “HER” there’s a common ground that can be defined as love.

Do you have any quirky habits?

_I am a total maniac! I’m lucky ‘cause as a designer, people interpretates my fixations as creativity.

What do you do when you are not designing?

_I think I design even when I’m playing with my daughters.

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