April 17, 2018


In a unique mix of materials, in which textures and metals are melted, the Spanish design furniture company presents its latest releases Suave, Tablet and Love for the season with Marcel Wanders, Ramon Esteve & Eugeni Quitllet.

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Suave collection by Marcel Wanders

suave collection marcel wanders salone milano vondom 2

“Transforming outdoor spaces into true oasis”, Marcel Wanders has collaborated with Vondom to create distinguished furniture pieces that give an indoor feeling outdoors.

“Working with the internationally recognized Spanish company that specialises in outdoor furniture has resulted in a collection that replaces plastic for soft upholstered materials, as a way to create a more sophisticated outdoor experience.”

suave collection planters sofa marcel wanders 19

These elegant pieces include a modular sofa with a unique shape and upholstered fabric, comfortable poufs, a coffee table and table lamp. We complete the collection with a family of ornamental planters. Its colour palette offers a sophisticated warm feeling to create a glamourous atmosphere that invites people to relax and connect on the deepest levels.

marcel wanders vondom 1
suave collection marcel wanders vondom 2

Marcel “These pieces, just for themselves, are designed to create a beautiful environment that sets a very stylish mood. With the unique purpose of drawing people together, this collection allows people to celebrate life.”

Gabriele “Working with polyurethane injection moulding we introduce a new levelof softness, comfort, and relaxation that transforms the space were the pieces are placed. We selected calm, sensual and appeasing colours to create a welcoming, iconic environment that becomes the places to be”

Tablet collection by Ramon Esteve

tablet collection sofa table ramon esteve vondom 3

The TABLET collection, designed by Ramon Esteve links new technologies and flexibility to the versatility of a sectional composition, creating a program based on the duality, identity and integration. Its character blends with the space and adapts itself to it.

This versatility can be seen due to the collection’s capacity to adapt to different surroundings, creating a reticular composition derived from the sectional’s juxtaposition where the compositing freedom is the main goal. The upholstery, made of independent sections, allows you to create different shapes, which always keep visual consistency.

The collection’s construction, based on polyurethane foam with a metallic structure upholstered with polypropylene fabric, makes TABLET a perfect collection both for indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its sophisticated aesthetic and finishing.


tablet collection sofa table ramon esteve vondom 4

Why Tablet?

The name links new technologies and flexibility to the versatility of a sectional composition. Mobile devices adapt themselves to each user’s needs and that is the collection’s goal.

Harmony, timeless and contextualization are some of the key concepts in your design idea. How do you integrate this philosophy in Tablet? What would you like to transmit with it?

Harmony is connected to order and to the relation between the whole and the parts. When I talk about harmony in this collection, I mean the proportions, which in this case, generate a balanced piece through those bumpy squares, slightly deformed, to get a small curve that, thanks to the foam, generate the fabric tension that provides comfort. Timeless refers to durability. I want it to go beyond, not being a fashion piece with expiring character, but perfectly balanced and able to
resist timing.

VONDOM has expanded its construction policy in order to make a collection like Tablet possible, with new materials and textures that integrate the collection to indoor spaces. What do you think that this change means for the company?

In this case, Vondom is embracing evolution and technology, opening a new field that gets as a result a collection with a warmer and more domestic look. In spite of its high technology design, thanks to the upholstery and the absence of visible plastic, Tablet becomes a perfect piece both for residential and commercial use.

ramon estve vondom 1

Love collection by Egeni Quitllet

love collection by eugeni quitllet 1

it is it isn’t…
Love is my Obsession…
A sensual shape that caresses your skin following your body and your heart
a naked silhouette to dress your body to become an icon.
Love is all we need…”
Eugeni Quitllet

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