Lips Reartes is located at the heart of the D’en Bossa, next to the sea with an unbeatable vista.
Mediterranean cuisine and Vondom’s designs make Lips one of the best spots to celebrate the spirit of Ibiza. Renowned chef David Reartes and his talented team utilize locally grown ingredients and eco-friendly techniques in their savory dishes, honoring the trend of slow-food.
An inviting terrace and “chill out” spot located near the sandy red beaches allow visitora to take in the stunning sunsets of Ibiza. It is, without a doubt, the perfect blend of cuisine, design, and the Mediterranean.

design outdoor furniture daybed faz lips rearters vondom 1
design outdoor furniture stool adam lips rearters vondom 3
design outdoor furniture sun chaise table adam vertex wing faz lips rearters vondom 6
design outdoor furniture chair vertex lips rearters vondom 7
design outdoor furniture stool adam lips rearters vondom 8
design outdoor furniture stool wing lips rearters vondom 4

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