The minimal, modern aesthetic of this über cool house in Claremont is a creative collaboration between its passionate owner
and renowned architect Michael Patroni from Space Agencies.
The home which pans over 4 levels, with its sleek design, coaxes over 500sqm of living space from a compact 390sqm corner
Architect Michael Patroni has developed timeless and left-of-centre concepts like the swimming pool with glass ends and layers
of subtlety in textures and finishes throughout the home.
The clean and understated architectural lines and design details are testament to the great work of the architect and were a
feature that the interior designer was cautions not to spoil.

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outdoor design furniture chair sofa rest flat queenslea vondom 4
outdoor design furniture rest surf flat rosinante lava queenslea vondom 6
outdoor design furniture planters lava queenslea vondom 3

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