November 4, 2020

Designer Christmas décor

Vondom would like to be a part of this special season through your home décor.

What would we be without our memories? Pío Baroja once said that ‘to a large degree, we are an extension of our past and the result of a memory’. So according to this, memories are an essential part of life, and we should make an effort to create and share them.

This year is clearly nothing short of complicated, but we should always remember that positive thoughts attract good things.

So we must remain hopeful and hold on to beautiful traditions, like Christmas, which remind us that this too shall pass. Let’s build a beautiful memory together.

Christmas trees and lights

Vondom would like to be a part of this special season through your home décor, and there is no better way than with an essential element this time of year: lights.

Our designs aim to bring back the spirit of the moment by adding a sense of warmth and showcasing special corners. Subtle and elegant collections that go with any style.

Forest, a magical design

We begin with Forest by Ramón Esteve, a geometric reinterpretation of the iconic Christmas tree. The clean, refined lines make this a Christmas accessory with a simple yet timeless design.

What’s more, Forest creates an inviting—almost magical—aura thanks to the backlight system that uses RGB LED bulbs to adjust the colour and intensity, depending on the atmosphere.

The quality materials result in a lightweight yet resistant piece that is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

It is available in various formats: 2 m, 1.5 m, 1 m and a nano version that is perfect as a family or corporate gift for an elegant and festive source of light.

This magical light will invite you to become immersed in a pure and beautiful nature.

Chrismy, a creative Christmas tree

Next up is Chrismy, an Italian design by Teresa Sapey, who also drew inspiration from the classic Christmas tree, but opted for abstraction instead of simplicity.

With a ground-breaking creative style, the piece melds the smooth, natural and organic shapes that twist upward around each bend.

The interior lighting creates truly inviting atmospheres. Its RGB LED lights make it possible to freely adjust the intensity and colours, depending on the intended mood.

There are four formats, ranging from 0.5 m to 2 m. An updated classic with a refined, contemporary timelessness that fits anywhere.

Décor and gift ideas

The chameleon-like nature of Vondom collections makes it possible to design pleasant, intimate and functional atmospheres for relaxing and spending time with family.

We suggest using them as Christmas decorations, either indoors, by the entrance or in the living room, or outdoors, to greet guests.

For a different and original concept this Christmas, Forest or Chrismy designs can also replace a traditional tree. These creations offer a touch of sophistication, always with a festive and welcoming air.

Finally, the nano versions of both designs are perfect as corporate or personal gifts. An unforgettable memory.

Planning uplifting holidays

At the end of the day, home is where the heart is as well as our most valued treasure, so attention should be paid to every last detail of the décor. During the Christmas season, and particularly this year, home decorations take centre stage, making it possible for us to enjoy everything in life alongside our loved ones.

Hope is the bridge that makes your dreams come true.

Let the countdown begin!

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