September 10, 2019

We are proud of Valencia!

We are proud to be part an important success for the city of Valencia, the first Spanish city to be chosen by the International Design Organisation.

VCMD Turismo CCienciasP40 CCPanorámicaCACbaja

Valencia has recently become the World Design Capital for 2022, what makes Valencia the first city in Spain to receive this exclusive privilege. Only looking backwards you can understand the future, that is why we would like to thank all our colleagues, partners, customers and competitors who have been working for decades in consolidating such a unique and admired sector like the Valencia Design.

From the perspective of being a Company established in Valencia, which loves design, this makes us very happy, but as promoters and official collaborators, we are extremely proud of the support given to this challenge.

vondom 1

Vondom always wanted to be promoter and collaborating partner due to a simple reason: we want to give back to design all what design has given us. Since our beginnings until today, design has been and will be the center of our soul and philosophy.

We are sure that being the World Design Capital in 2022 will be a benchmark for the Spanish design. Congratulations Valencia!

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