Technological modernity


A project for a dental clinic, located in the heart of Bellevue in the Elements Towers building. Da Vinci Dental breaks with the traditional concept of a dental clinic;

Thanks to its modern design. It has been transformed for the well-being of its clients, where going to the dentist becomes an authentic experience.

Its glass facade allows to see its interior, to obtain an open space; Where natural daylight illuminates the entire building. From the outside you can see the lobby of the clinic, where we can find the furniture of the collection FAZ by RAMÓN ESTEVE designed for Vondom.

The armchairs and coffee tables, in combination with the FAZ flower pots, are displayed, to create a comfortable waiting room. The color white is chosen as the predominant color, which is mixed with the blue color of the rest of the complements.

A modern design for this clinic, that uses the latest technologies both in its services and with the design of its premises, combining white with colorful lighting.

Seattle (USA)

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