Pixel outdoor sofa collection by Vondom Pixel outdoor sofa collection by Vondom Pixel outdoor sofa collection by Vondom


by Ramón Esteve

The Pixel collection, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, transforms the concept of outdoor furniture with its inspiration in the small elements of colour that make up an image. Pixel not only adds style, but also offers infinite configuration possibilities, turning any space into a place of creativity and comfort.

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Pixel outdoor sofa collection by Vondom

The Pixel outdoor sofa

The Pixel sofa is the centrepiece of this collection and is composed of three independent modules that allow you to create a wide variety of shapes. From linear sofas and chaiselongue to cosy corners and even a bed, Pixel adapts to your needs and your space, providing unique versatility. Its low seating is designed for intimate use, ideal for chill out and relaxation areas.

Pixel Lounger and Daybed: relaxation and elegance

The Pixel collection also includes a lounger and a daybed, designed for maximum comfort and style. The Pixel lounger is perfect for sunbathing by the pool or in the garden, while the Pixel daybed provides a luxurious retreat for moments of deep relaxation. Both pieces maintain the modular and versatile essence of the collection, allowing for creative combinations of colours and fabrics.

Tumbona para exteriores Pixel Vondom

Versatility and style

Vondom’s Pixel collection is not only functional, but also a design element that enriches any outdoor space. Its clean, modern lines are combined with a vibrant colour palette, creating welcoming and lively environments. Every possible configuration invites creativity, allowing each space to be unique and special.

Pixel outdoor sofa collection by Vondom

Manufactured using innovative techniques, the Pixel sofa stands out for its capacity for personalisation through the upholstery. With a wide variety of fabrics and finishes available, each piece can be unique, reflecting the personality and style of the user. This feature alludes to its name, evoking those dots of colour that combine to form a complete, three-dimensional image.

Vondom’s Pixel collection is the perfect choice for those looking for outdoor furniture that combines innovative design and versatility. A collection capable of transforming any space into a place of creativity and comfort, providing a unique visual and sensory experience.


Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve

Ramon Esteve graduated in Architecture from Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM) in 1990. He founded Ramon Esteve Estudio de Arquitectura in 1991, working on both architectural and interior design projects and also other fields such as industrial design and art direction at the national and international area. Harmony, serenity and essentiality are some of the constant features of Esteve’s work and become symbols of his will to provide to the habitat more than just buildings. As a result, embracing atmospheres where to enjoy unique experiences are created.

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