Vondom Finishes

Vondom Finishes

Discover the wide variety of design finishes we offer for our collections

Wide variety of fabrics

Vondom design furniture upholstered with our fabrics allows any environment to be given a touch of sophistication and freshness.

We offer fabrics with extraordinary levels of performance, durability and design. Made and approved to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions.

Anti-stain treatment, waterproofing, UV resistance, cold cracking and mould spore resistance ensure that our furniture can be used in all outdoor spaces and areas with high humidity and chlorine, such as spas and indoor swimming pools.

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Vondom | Group 1 Fabrics

Group 1 Fabrics:

Natural and neutral shades or bold tones to create a truly attractive colour palette. Available in Nautical (1A), Silvertex, Heritage, Savane, Crevin (1B), Cico, Siesta, Acapulco, and Ikon (1C).

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Group 2 Fabrics

New textures and trendy colours that reflect the sensuality, warmth and elegance of our most premium collections.

Extremely resistant fabrics thanks to their high-tech water-repellent process that protects the product from damage caused by rain, heat and cold.

This category of fabrics incorporates the design finishes Krollet, Hyggue, Varm and Glad.

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Vondom | Group 2 Fabrics

We also offer fabrics for the canopies and curtains of the daybeds, as well as the fabric of the polypropylene sun loungers, such as Velum, Batyline, Roof Fabric and Roof Rope.

Venus planters Vondom

Basic Polyethylene

At Vondom we allow you to lacquer part of our catalogue of polyethylene products available in 16 authentic colours.
In the case of polypropylene products, only 12 shades are available.


At Vondom we allow you to lacquer part of our catalogue of polyethylene and polypropylene products, available in 16 authentic colours.
Vondom | Acabado lacado

Africa Lounge Chair | Vondom
Vondom | Basic Injection Colors

Basic Injection

Our colour range includes 16 shades for our polypropylene products.

In addition, we offer 3 Revolution finishes in our recycled polypropylene range.

Clear PC

We offer 6 “Clear PC” finishes for polycarbonate products.

Marquis Collection | Vondom

Baked lacquered aluminium

At Vondom we work with two types of aluminium, AISI12 (EN AC-44100) and 6060 (AIMgSi, 3.3206,A96060). All our aluminium products have 16 finishes painted with epoxy baked-on paint.

Surfaces: HPL, Dekton and glass


We work with a selection of 14 finishes for HPL surfaces, a material made from cellulose and large quantities of phenolic resins. Very hard, resistant, dense and light, suitable for exteriors.

There are also 5 ceramic imitation HPL finishes and 2 new imitation wood finishes.


At Vondom we have 3 Dekton finishes. This material is inspired by natural stone and has a complex manufacturing process based on a mixture of more than 20 natural minerals, including the latest generation of porcelain and quartz surfaces, which results in fine and elegant ceramic sheets.


We also have 4 glass finishes for different types of glass.

Vondom | Surface Finishes

At Vondom we have worked hard to offer a wide variety of high quality design finishes for our collections. These ensure that our products are durable, timeless and in line with the latest interior design trends.

We are committed to offering unique design products and our wide selection of designer finishes ensures that you can find the perfect one to complement any space.

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