Materials & Care

Get to know the materials & care of our avant-garde outdoor and indoor furniture. Designed by and for dynamic, innovative, curious people... like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything that surrounds them.



It is a thermoplastic polymer that is flexible at high temperatures, withstands up to 150°C without deformation or degradation, and hardens when sufficiently cooled.

At Vondom we are committed to technological innovation through the technique of gas-assisted polypropylene injection technique reinforced with glass fibre.


The polypropylene is one of the most versatile plastics in existence, with multiple advantages over other materials.

In Vondom we use this material through the rotational moulding technique to manufacture different product lines, such as planters and furniture for indoors and outdoors.



Polyurethane foam is a highly elastic material used in the furniture industry. It is characterised by the fact that when the load to which it has been subjected is removed, it instantly recovers its original shape.

At Vondom we have incorporated the cold injection technique using flexible polyurethane with metal structure reinforcement inside.

The result is trendy collections suitable for outdoor and indoor use, with a variety of colours, textures and upholsteries.


At Vondom we are always in search of natural beauty, which is why we are committed to organic materials such as wood, giving our collections a unique personality.

We work with three types of wood: ash, iroko and teak.

A material that enhances the beauty of the environment in which they are located, turning it into wonderful spaces where we want to feel, live and enjoy.



Aluminium is a metal characterised by its low density and high resistance to corrosion and impact. It is also 100% recyclable.

At Vondom we work with two types of aluminium, AISI12 ( EN AC-44100 ) and 6060 ( AIMgSi, 3.3206,A96060 ). Both aluminiums are painted with epoxy baked paint.


Vondom offers fabrics with extraordinary levels of performance, durability and design.

They are designed, tested and approved to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Stain-resistant treatment, waterproofing, UV resistance, cold breaking and mould spore resistance ensure that all requirements for outdoor use are met.


Outdoor rugs

Vondom’s outdoor rugs, made from recycled plastic, combine innovation and sustainability. Resistant to water, heat and UV rays, these rugs are easy to clean and maintain.

Each square metre of carpet reuses more than 130 plastic bottles, contributing to the protection of the marine ecosystem and the environment.


HPL Solid Core is an ideal material for contract spaces and the HORECA sector, developed by Vondom. Composed of cellulose and phenolic resins, it is lightweight, resistant to water, alcohol and organic solvents. Its high durability and easy maintenance make it perfect for interiors and exteriors.

Available in various finishes, HPL Solid Core is mainly used in tables, combining functionality and aesthetics in each piece.



We have recently incorporated Dekton®, a very low-maintenance, long-lasting and highly resistant material. Qualities that perfect key pieces of our collections: the tables.

Its complex manufacturing process results in fine, elegant sheets composed of a mixture of more than 20 natural minerals, including the latest generation of porcelain and quartz surfaces.


Renowned for its durability and versatility, concrete is able to create a welcoming and elegant environment in which to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Not only is this material resistant to weathering and wear, but it is also easy to maintain, ensuring that its appearance and functionality remain impeccable over time.

At Vondom, we offer cement in six different finishes, allowing you to customise any space according to your unique style and vision.



Polycarbonate is a group of thermoplastics, easy to work, mould and thermoform. It has a high resistance to breakage and impact.

At Vondom we incorporated this material through the injection moulding process in 2013, with the intention of creating furniture with complex geometric shapes that do not require subsequent lacquering.


PMMA is a highly transparent thermoplastic polymer obtained from the polymerisation of the monomer methyl methacrylate.

Due to its high transparency, aesthetics and resistance to scratches, it is an ideal material for incorporating interior light to turn it into a magical luminaire for decoration.

We incorporate this material through the injection process with the intention of creating collections of complex geometric shapes.