Vondom Stock: inventory design and fast delivery

Vondom Stock: inventory design and fast delivery


At Vondom, we pride ourselves on always being at the forefront of design and functionality. In order to improve our service and meet growing demand, we have built a new warehouse of over 10,000 m² next to our factory. This allows us to keep a large stock of our exclusive outdoor furniture. An investment that prepares us to offer impeccable logistics and fast delivery.

A commitment to efficiency and speed

We have made efficiency and speed an unwavering priority. We are committed to preparing and delivering stock orders in as little as two weeks from confirmation. This promise reflects our aim to provide a service that meets the most demanding requirements.

Warehousing and logistics for a fast furniture service

Our new storage in Beneixida, Valencia, has been specifically designed to optimise the stock and transport of our products. With more than 10,000m² (a total of 49,000m²) dedicated exclusively to this purpose, we can maintain a robust inventory and be ready to respond to our customers needs immediately.

Vondom Quick-Service: servicio rápido de mobiliario

Available for specific collections

The fast furniture service with Vondom Stock is available exclusively for our most requested collections, carefully selected for their high popularity and demand. This allows us to guarantee fast and efficient delivery, ensuring that no design project is delayed.

Vondom Quartz Collection, by Ramón Esteve

At Vondom, we understand the importance of combining design and functionality with efficient logistics. That’s why our ready-made design products are ready for delivery in a record time of two weeks. This service reflects our commitment to excellence and our dedication to supporting design professionals at every stage of their projects, offering fast solutions without compromising on quality.

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