Incasso, renovation and style

Incasso, renovation and style


This indoor piece is renewed, now made of polypropylene for greater strength and durability.

At Vondom, always in search of innovation, we present the evolution of the Incasso collection. Now made of polypropylene, this line designed by Archirivolto Design has improved its strength and lightness, but also incorporates five new finishes to satisfy all tastes: white, ecru, tortora, melon and black.

Silla de diseño Vondom Incasso
Silla de diseño Vondom Incasso

Incasso’s distinctive oval-shaped shells provide a comfortable and elegant seating experience, an experience now enriched by a new colour palette. Thanks to the various bases available in the collection, the chairs adapt to any lifestyle and aesthetic preference.

With this material change, the Incasso collection achieves greater durability and versatility, ensuring that each piece is a true reflection of our design philosophy. This change not only reflects our commitment to excellence, but also opens the door to a wider and more contemporary range of design options.

Silla de diseño Vondom Incasso

Discover the revamped Incasso collection and experience Vondom’s avant-garde and functional design at its best.

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