Hotel Alkyon

Hotel Alkyon

Skiathos, Greece

Beachfront hotel

The hotel offers a friendly, family atmosphere for all ages, nestled in a beautiful location providing the perfect combination, which satisfies all the desired needs of an unforgettable holiday.

  • Location Skiathos, Greece
  • Type Hotel
  • Collections Africa, Mari-sol, Kes, Voxel

Hotel Alkyon is located off the coast on the island of Skiathos, Greece. This is why it offers the relaxation and enjoyment of an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Our design contract furniture contributes to the hotel’s Spanish decor

Our design contract furniture in this hotel consists of various chairs, armchairs, tables and sun loungers from different collections designed by Eugeni Quitllet, Karim Rashid and Gabriele and Oscar Buratti.

vondom-design-contract-furniture-alkyon-hotel (1)

Inside the hotel, our Africa stools decorate the coffee bar, highlighting the modernity of this area. This design by Eugeni Quitllet is characterised by its straight and curved lines, giving rise to a timeless piece.

Vondom design contract furniture can be found in all of the outdoor common areas


vondom-design-contract-furniture-alkyon-hotel (2)

Outside, the Africa armchair and chair, together with the Mari-sol table, are the furnishings that make up the hotel’s outdoor dining room. A place where guests can enjoy delicious dishes for breakfast whilst comfortably facing the Mediterranean Sea.


vondom-design-contract-furniture-alkyon-hotel (5)

In juxtaposition, the hotel has a large outdoor terrace with a big swimming pool. The new Voxel sun loungers are arranged around it. It is a design by Karim Rashid that provides complete relaxation for guests while creating a select and fresh atmosphere.


vondom-design-contract-furniture-alkyon-hotel (6)

On the top floor of this modern hotel, guests have the pleasure of enjoying exquisite cuisine while enjoying the splendid views of the city and the sea.

This restaurant features the Kes chair in combination with the table from the Faz collection. Both pieces, with their minimalist and modern design, denote sobriety and avant-garde without being garish.



The entire hotel has been recently refurbished, which is why our contract furniture with a modern design is an important element for this accommodation in order for it to be considered as sophisticated and new.

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