Mirador de la represa

Mirador de la represa

Medellín, Colombia

An invitation to relax

  • Location Medellín, Colombia
  • Type Residencia
  • Architect ALH Taller
  • Interior designer MAP Partners
  • Dealer & partners Ambiente Azul & Dom Design
  • Photographer Carlos Velez
  • Collections Ibiza

This modern home is located in Mirador de la Represa, located in Medellín, Colombia. A natural environment that invites you to rest and disconnect.

This is the reason why, on the upper floor, there is a covered swimming pool open to the outside, next to which our garden furniture from the Ibiza collection has been placed.

The Ibiza sun lounger designed by Eugeni Quitllet has been created from the union of sinuous vertical lines, capable of gently supporting your entire back, transporting you to a state of deep relaxation.



The Ibiza armchair is also a piece of avant-garde design that forms part of this residential project created to contemplate the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Garden furniture characterized by straightforward and friendly aesthetics


This outdoor design furniture blends harmoniously with this modern residence, which is distinguished by its straight lines and cosy atmosphere, achieved through the elements that make it up.

The wood panelling on the walls, the light-coloured ceramic flooring and the swimming pool with integrated jacuzzi have created a perfect harmony, as all these elements are of supreme quality.


The entire design of this space has been conceived so that whoever is in it feels calm, plenitude and tranquillity.

Furthermore, from the outdoor terrace you can contemplate the natural environment that surrounds this construction, as if it were a beautiful work conceived by a great artist.

In short, Vondom’s garden furniture contributes to the delight of the owners, allowing them to have feelings of plenitude and calm.


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