Vondom at Google’s Tel Aviv location

Vondom at Google’s Tel Aviv location

Tel Aviv, Israel

Décor with local inspiration

The finishing touch to Google’s perfect ideal is the meticulous and creative décor of its office space, consisting of vast areas that cater to coworking, communication and the exchange of ideas between employees.

  • Location Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Type Hospitality
  • Collections Stones

One example is its Tel Aviv Engineering, Sales and Marketing office, which occupies 8,000 m2 across 8 floors in the renowned Electra Tower, one of Israel’s tallest skyscrapers. The space was designed by Switzerland’s Camenzind Evolution in collaboration with Israeli teams at Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal.

The overall sensation is a far cry from that of traditional work settings. Each floor is inspired by a specific aspect of the local identity. The diverse atmosphere features natural materials; an array of lively colours, shapes and bold prints; inspirational quotes; and stunning lighting geared towards optimal comfort.

Google Office Tel Aviv Project | Vondom

Another requirement was for the project to highlight the importance of the Mediterranean in Israeli culture. With this in mind, all of the spaces boast natural light and breathtaking views of the city and sea.

Indoor and outdoor furniture, Stones Collection sofa and lounge chair by Vondom

Vondom’s indoor and outdoor furnishes the lobby

The entrance at Google must serve as a preview of the spectacular world that awaits visitors. With this in mind, the lobby showcases uneven wood hues and curved silhouettes that simulate a rock formation.

This concept fits perfectly with the Stones collection by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan, designed with elegant mineral forms in mind. The white tones further enhance the sun’s rays for an added touch to the creative design.

Indoor and outdoor furniture, Stones Collection sofa and lounge chair by Vondom

Versatile and elegant indoor and outdoor furniture

The end result is a captivating office space in which Google conveys its philosophy—centred on innovation and people—to employees.
This project also marks a milestone for the Spanish brand Vondom, which once again shows the versatility and chameleon-like nature of its indoor and outdoor furniture.

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