Atlanta, USA

A familiar modern club

Vondom interior furniture is the main design element in the foyer of this modern playroom. Kefi is a Greek word meaning spirit of joy, passion and enthusiasm.

  • Location Atlanta, USA
  • Type Leisure
  • Collections Faz

This spacious venue, which covers approximately 85,000 square metres, was designed as a place for kids to learn and have fun. The concept also caters to parents by setting aside various sections where they can take a break or work.

The project consists of play areas, a lobby, retail space, a cafeteria with indoor and outdoor seating, lounges for parents, rental party rooms, places for learning, and a space for research and development.

Kefi Playroom | Interior Furniture | Vondom

Vondom interior furniture

This is the lobby where the interior furniture pieces has been placed. Specifically, the Faz bar by Ramón Esteve is the accessory that perfectly brings together the interior design. It features bold lines that catch the attention of kids and adults alike, creating a unique and everlasting space.

Kefi Playroom | Interior Furniture | Vondom

The distinctive play areas have been arranged around a recreated town square in the middle. The theme for one of the spaces is music and dance, and the concept for another is centred on building a digital play world.

This modern play room features the latest technology, including RFID tags so kids may enter the play areas and parents can track them to know their location at all times. The tags are also used for interactive game experiences.

The resulting facility offers fun moments for families of all types in a colourful and modern setting.

Kefi Playroom | Interior Furniture | Vondom

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