Oficinas BoZhong

Oficinas BoZhong

Suzhou, China

Human inspiration

Vondom furniture has transformed these offices into cutting-edge spaces developed by and for the employees of BoZhong, an innovative.

  • Location Suzhou, China
  • Type Hospitality
  • Architect Gold Mantis Construction decoration Co Ltd
  • Collections And, UFO

BoZhong is a company located in the Chinese city of Suzhou. Specialized in metallurgy, its core mission is to create a smart manufacturing system through innovation and development.

The brand strives to achieve excellence with its products as well as with the interior decoration of its business offices, designed by Gold Mantis Construction Decoration Co., Ltd.

The inspiration behind these premises can be found in humans and in nature, through the combination of elements such as earth, air and water. The building includes meeting rooms and work areas, in addition to spaces for “instant communication” and “independent thought.”

Design sofa UFO by Vondom

The Vondom’s modern furniture is the principal furnishings in this office

In the section that corresponds to air, the aim is for employees to feel like they are astronauts in outer space, which is the main reason why the interior decorators selected modern furniture from the Ufo collection designed by Ora Ïto, including a sofa, lounge chair and coffee table, whose designs are the result of “genetic mutation experiments” between the iconic languages of pagodas and UFOs.

The adjacent room was furnished with modern fittings from the And collection by Fabio Novembre because they are the perfect accessory for an atmosphere created to encourage employees to come up with bigger and better ideas during brainstorming sessions.

In summary, Vondom’s modern furniture has transformed these offices into cutting-edge spaces developed by and for the employees of BoZhong, an industrial, innovative and technological company.

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