Beastly Offices

Beastly Offices

Murcia, Spain

A stimulating and vibrant office

Vondom office furniture decorates all the multipurpose spaces of the new Embargos a lo Bestia offices located in Murcia, Spain.

  • Localization Murcia, Spain
  • Type Office
  • Collections Africa, Stones
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The new offices for Embargos a lo Bestia are a clear example of a unique working environment, where Vondom office furniture highlights the modernity of the premises and encourages a vibrant and stimulating aesthetic.

Santa Cruz architecture, the developer of this project, has created an attractive and motivating workspace, featuring a bold choice of red coloured communal spaces.

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Office furniture contributes to the creation of a vibrant atmosphere

The office furniture selected for the reception is part of the Stones collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni and Elisa Gargan. Avant-garde furniture with an extroverted design that brings personality and character.

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There are several multipurpose spaces that can be used as a cafeteria, a training room, and even an informal meeting room. Africa stools and Africa chairs feature in the decoration of these areas; pieces conceived for constant comfort, with the most visual characteristic being their minimalist design.


These modern and unique offices boast pleasant and stimulating environments that have been created to ensure the well-being of employees. The spaces are open and flexible in order to promote relationships and allow employees to enjoy rest times.

Vegetation also plays a fundamental role in this project, which features Vondom pots, including the Stones collection and Studio Vondom designs.

In short, Vondom office furniture has allowed the creation of an exclusive, stimulating, and exciting work environment; with the choice of red coloured interior design making this office a powerful source of energy and positivity.

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