Delta outdoor sofa designed by Jorge Pensi Vondom


by Jorge Pensi

The Delta furniture design collection, designed by Jorge Pensi for Vondom. Is made to fit in with exterior or interior contemporary spaces.

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The Delta furniture design collection

The goal of the Delta chair was to create a timeless product that constantly seeks to strike a balance between realism and surrealism— matter and antimatter, abstraction and emotion. The goal was to maximize emotions while minimizing resources, questioning the common logic of something new.

This same objective is repeated in the other components of this furniture design collection: the tables and the modular sofa.

The injected aluminum base and extracted aluminum column make it ideal for use in the open air, due to the weather-resistant properties of these materials. The folding top and the design of the base enables the tables to be lined up one against the other to save space when they are not in use.

Delta chair design by Jorge Pensi Vondom
Delta chair design by Jorge Pensi Vondom
Delta table designed by Jorge Pensi Vondom
Delta table designed by Jorge Pensi Vondom


Jorge Pensi

Jorge Pensi

Born in Buenos Aires in 1946, he studied architecture in his home city. He left Argentina in 1975, dreaming of new horizons and challenges. After crossing the ocean, he settled in Barcelona and became a Spanish citizen . I n 1977, he went into partnership with Alberto Lievore. They worked together until 1984. He then set up his own studio in Barcelona ‘ s Gothic quarter. Pensi believes that part of his professional success is due to the intimate, close and warm relationship he has with his team and his clients, allowing shared project development with optimum results. Jorge Pensi has given conferences, seminars and workshops all over the world. Jorge Pensi has been awarded numerous prizes and has received widespread recognition throughout his career, including the Spanish National Design Prize in 1997, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Energy for outstanding professional achievement. H e has recently become known for his other passion, music, which he had kept to himself until recently. H e has released two albums as a composer and singer.

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