Vondom celebrates International Design Day 2021

Vondom celebrates International Design Day 2021


We celebrate our passion for design in the Internation Design Day. Indoor and outdoor furniture pieces that shape the world and society.

We Celebrate the Internation Design Day | Vondom

The International Design Day

On the International Design Day, April 27, 2021, design takes centre stage. In addition to honouring this field, today also serves as a reminder of its universality since design is an emotion, a language, a thought, a tool that pays tribute to diversity and crosses borders, a memory of the past and a foreshadowing of what lies ahead.

This special celebration began in 1995 with the aim of showcasing the role of design as a tool for changing society, improving quality of life and shaping the world.

10 years in the decorating sector

The Vondom furniture company shares this commitment in every step we take. This is why we have partnered with international designers to create pieces that are technically impeccable and innovative, and above all, reflect a contemporary Mediterranean lifestyle.

Throughout the years, we have presented timeless collections such as Adan by Teresa Sapey, along with others featuring ground-breaking production methods, like the sofas Suave by Marcel Wanders and Tablet by Ramón Esteve.

International Design Day image
International Design Day image
International Design Day image

Some of the collections, including Love by Eugeni Quitllet and Voxel by Karim Rashid, have been modified to create mini versions for kids. New ways of viewing creativity and comfort for children.

International Design Day image
International Design Day image

And let’s not forget Revolution, our sustainability commitment based on making furniture using recycled plastic from the Mediterranean. Ibiza is the name of the first collection launched through this project and it also highlights the Spanish culture we are so fond of.

International Design Day image

We have cultivated our passion for design together thanks to our innovative flowerpots, like the latest Venus by Marcel Wanders or the geometric Marquis by Estudi{H}ac.

And just as important, we have created warm and sophisticated lighting with lamps that capture every nuance.

So in summary, for everything it has given us and continues to bring to the table, long live design!

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Summer Selection 2021

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