Today in Spain, we celebrate Children’s Day

Today in Spain, we celebrate Children’s Day


At Vondom, We pay tribute to the little ones in the family with our children furniture, collections that are designed specially for them.

Vondom’s children furniture

Love chair designed by Eugeni Quitllet

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A chair inspired by the concept of love. Its design has been created from simple silhouettes and curves which fit an organic and natural way; this collection is suitable for both indoor and exterior spaces.

Chair Voxel designed by Karim Rashid

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This chair is a good example of democratic design, high-end looking but reasonably affordable, that takes into account the need for both functionality and beauty.

Armchair Roulette designed by Eero Aarnio

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A design that rocks in all directions and also spins due to its contact with the ground at one point. The high armrests give a sense of security when spinning the chair around and also provide good support while sitting.

Rosinante designed by Eero Aarnio

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Traditionally a rocking horse only rocks back and forth, but this horse has a base which also enables us to spin. And because the horse is made in Spain, it was naturally named after Don Quixote’s world famous horse, Rosinante.

Agatha collection designed by Agatha Ruiz De la Prada

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The first Kids collection of Vondom.  The characteristic icons of the designer, perceived instantly by their simple, sweet and refined shapes. A funny, creative and optimistic composition integrated throughout infantile codes: flowers, hearts…

This Kids furniture collection consists of three basic elements, pot, mini table and chair. A flower with large petals is the result of this table and pot which are accompanied by heart-shaped stools.

We Celebrate the Internation Design Day | Vondom

Vondom celebrates International Design Day 2021

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Representing Valencian design: Love, by Eugeni Quitllet and Vondom, honored at the 2021 iF Design Awards.

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