Discover the new Vondom design in Salone del Mobile 2022

Discover the new Vondom design in Salone del Mobile 2022


Salone del Mobile 2022 is the most important design event and that’s why we present the new Vondom collections on this localization, a universe of elegance and comfort.

Salone del Mobile 2022 is the stage for the launch of the new collections

Innovation is the fundamental backbone for Vondom, that’s why we choose Salone del Mobile to present the new collections. Designed with sustainable materials for an ergonomic design.

Trends in the furniture sector are committed to the relationship between design and nature through organic materials. Which, together with neutral colors, evokes the tranquility and freshness of outdoor spaces.
In the particular case of Vondom, we have included new tones and fabrics which evoke serenity. This is one of the reasons why Vondom’s furniture is now conceived as more sophisticated with a Mediterranean design. A more natural style.

Furthermore, the new designs are furniture created to give you the maximum comfort and supreme quality, which is an evidence of our evolution towards a warmer and sustainable design.

Outdoor rugs by Studio Vondom | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

Sustainability is the key to the materials and complements choice. Our fabrics and rugs now contain recycled plastic fibers that contribute for a more sustainable future.

From our philosophy, under the name of Vondom Revolution, we are working for our creations, and all that around us, do not compromise the capacity of the future generations, and allow a balance between the economic growth, the environment and social welfare.

Vondom’s Salone del Mobile 2022 stand

We have designed our stand to immerse you in a calm and cozy atmosphere, where Vondom’s furniture captivates you with its visual softness and full seating comfort.

Now we invite you to discover all the novelties we have for you.

Tulum Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

Tulum Collection, by Eugeni Quitllet

TULUM is a set of pieces that bring a new dimension to your home, extending the demands and comfort of the interior to the exterior. Maintaining a superior quality capable of withstanding the environment with total naturalness.

The Factory Collection, by Ramón Esteve

Inspired by New York’s cast-iron architecture, the collection exudes the industrial feel of some of the city’s districts such as Tribeca and Soho. At the same time, the contrast with its generously proportioned upholstered cushions adds a warm and friendly touch to the pieces.

The Factory Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Vineyard Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

Vineyard Collection, by Ramón Esteve

The Vineyard collection was designed ad hoc by Ramón Esteve himself for his country house. The pieces are conceived in line with the house itself, maintaining a common language based on the introduction of wooden slats framed by a lacquered aluminium profile, in combination with the upholstery.

Gatsby Collection, by Ramón Esteve

It now includes a modular sofa, side tables and planters that reproduce the shape and feel of etched glass. Its ribbed outer surface continues the style of the corrugated glass of the table lamps, taking us back to the Art Deco era and the Roaring Twenties in America.

Gatsby Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Pixel Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

New pieces from the Pixel collection designed by Ramón Esteve

Now we have added two corner modules to the collection, one curved and the other pentagonal, seeking greater adaptability to different spaces and styles. The main feature of Pixel is its low seating, designed for a more intimate use that links the piece to chill out areas.

Iglu Collection, by Ramón Esteve

It is a new Daybed inspired in Fuller’s geodesic domes of the mid-20th century. Conceived as a place of shelter and enjoyment, the piece features geometric shapes on the outside while the interior opts for contrast with more friendly and cushioned lines. The dome extends through triangles joined together by a light fabric that gives rise to a suggestive play of light and shadow.

Iglu Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Manta Collection | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

Manta Chair, by Eugeni Quitllet

The Manta chair adapts with versatility to any space, whether in homes, offices or public environments. It achieves this quality thanks to an interchangeable design composed of shells and bases that permit creating infinite combinations.

The curved shape of the polypropylene seat blends naturally with the physiognomy of the human body, like floating on sea water. While its bases can be customised thanks to a wide range of materials: with wheels, in wood, metal or even swivel.

Africa lounge chair, by Eugeni Quitllet

With the Africa armchair, Eugeni Quitllet wanted to bring together all the parts of the beautiful history of the collection in a single product and give the best. A beautiful and generously comfortable seat, without taking up too much space, discreet and modern at the same time.

Africa Lounge Chair | Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Vondom's furniture for garden | Spoga Gafa 2022

Vondom´s garden furniture will be exhibited at Spoga Gafa 2022

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