Explore our new showroom in Cancun

Explore our new showroom in Cancun


Singularity, elegance and color are the terms that define the new Vondom showroom in Cancun. A space that takes you to a sensory experience that you have not perceived before in our other showrooms in the world.


Vondom has recently inaugurated its new showroom in Cancun, an exceptional space with a unique design that makes it different from the other showrooms that the firm has around the world.

It is a space of more than 300 square metres created by Teresa Sapey, who is also the designer of the best-selling Adan collection, and was inspired by the essence of Mexico. A joyful, radiant and colourful country.

From this, the new showroom in Cancun has created a space with a wide colour palette but in a subtle way that denotes an elegant and resplendent energy.


From the outside, you can see the new Hamptons collection, a design by Ramón Esteve, whose colours on this occasion evoke the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. For this reason, the upholstery is in the fabrics Acapulco 1805 and 1806 and the structure in the colour modo green 5032.


In the same way, The Factory collection has been arranged with the aluminium structure in green mode 5032 and the upholstery with the new Varm 1060 fabric, which has been combined with cushions in Acapulco 1805 fabric. A chromatic variety of greens and blues that combine perfectly with the waters surrounding the beaches of Cancun.



On the right hand side of the showroom entrance we find the Suave collection designed by Marcel Wanders, organic design pieces created to provide maximum comfort to the user.


The welcome of this new space in Cancun is provided by the Stones collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni & Elisa Gargan, iconic pieces of Vondom and best seller from the beginning thanks to its minimalist and attractive design that makes them suitable for all types of projects.



From this angle, we can already see the entire space designed by Teresa Sapey in which the arrangement of Vondom’s premium collections and products can be seen; which this time have been carefully delimited with metallic curtains.

A differentiating element of decoration that goes in line with the tones of our avant-garde furniture; thus achieving that the overall aesthetic goes in unison.

Each collection of furniture is surrounded by a metallic curtain in a shade that contrasts with the colour of the furniture on display. The intention has been to give independence to each design, but giving you space so that you can sit, touch and feel the softness of the different fabrics.


Fabrics such as Krollet 1921 can be found in the Tulum collection designed by Eugeni Quitllet; thanks to which the comfort and visual elegance it provides is unquestionable. Although Tulum is a collection that is also composed of materials such as 6060 aluminium and Teak wood, an excellent combination of materials that give rise to sophisticated and resistant pieces.



Continuing along the tour of the new showroom in Cancun, in the centre we find the new Milos collection designed by Jean Marie Massaud, a clear example of design pieces conceived to provide well-being whose lines come together and form elegant curves that together with our premium Glad fabric; originate an extremely refined and aesthetically appealing furniture.




The presence of Milos stands out for its chromatic warmth, which in turn creates a slight contrast with the different shades of the different elements that surround it.


The Vineyard collection by Ramón Esteve also present here is the most visual wooden furniture; teak is the main material of this minimalist collection presented with industrial style wheels that allow to create harmonic scenes.


The Faz daybed, one of our classic pieces that this time is presented as an ode to a wise simplicity updated, by virtue of the Glad Moon 1040 fabric.

The Moon daybed, meanwhile, brings the essence of the Mediterranean with its light colours, albeit with a light touch of bolder colour.


The various loungers in the new showroom also contribute to the creation of a space with an elegant sobriety.


Next to it, the Gatsby collection is that contribution of warm light that gives way to the conception of a calm atmosphere that radiates clarity.



Pixel, designed by Ramón Esteve, is presented as a modular set of different colours joined together to form a large sofa that invites us to rest our body and mind.



And the tour ends with the brand new Africa armchair, a creation by Eugeni Quitllet, which he himself autographed during the inaugural event of this new showroom in Cancun.


In short, this new showroom in Cancun is an avant-garde space with an aesthetic based on native colours used in a subtle way, allowing Vondom's designer furniture to be displayed in a more modern and elegant way with the Mediterranean essence that characterises it.
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