Outdoor Christmas decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations


The Christmas season is just around the corner, and at Vondom we understand the importance of decoration to create a unique experience during these special dates.

The importance of outdoor Christmas decoration, a unique experience

Christmas is a magical time to decorate our spaces and share special moments with our loved ones. Our exceptional collections are designed precisely to bring the magic of the season to outdoor and indoor spaces in hotels, restaurants, offices and homes.

We highlight our exclusive Forest, Chrismy and Adan collections, along with the Africa lounge chair and the dazzling Gatsby and Marquis table lamps. These products have been carefully selected for their incomparable charm, adding a touch of distinction to any festive environment.

Vondom | Decoración navideña para exteriores
Vondom | Decoración navideña para exteriores

Forest: enchanting nature

Ramón Esteve imagined a courtyard turned into an enchanted forest to design his captivating Forest collection. This series fuses natural elements and organic shapes to create a warm and cosy atmosphere. A subtle, softly lit outdoor Christmas decoration with which every corner breathes Christmas magic, bringing the essence of nature into the spaces.

The centrepiece of this collection is a backlit Christmas tree, whose shape is shaped by a unique geometric abstraction. Forest stands out for its clean and refined lines, giving a sober and timeless decorative touch. Its versatile lighting creates an enveloping atmosphere, adapting to the moment and the ambience you wish to create.

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Africa lounge chair: elegance and comfort

The Africa lounge chair, designed by Eugeni Quitllet, is the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. With sophisticated lines and a timeless design, this piece lends itself to be the perfect seat while enjoying outdoor festivities.

The Africa lounge chair encapsulates the essence of the collection in one product. A beautifully comfortable, understated and modern seat, it follows the natural curve of the human body. Its timeless design allows you to play with the combination of new fabrics and finishes, and stands out for its warmth and chromatic variety.

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Vondom | Decoración navideña para exteriores
Vondom | Decoración navideña para exteriores

Chrismy: festive elegance

The Chrismy collection, designed by Teresa Sapey, is an outdoor Christmas decoration synonymous with festive elegance. A reinterpretation of the Christmas tree, inspired by natural, organic and elegant forms, with captivating lighting, these pieces take centre stage in any space during the holiday season.

From luminous trees to contemporary ornaments, Chrismy adds a modern and festive touch to outdoor spaces. Visual magic unfolds through its logical continuity, making it a distinctive and enchanting element in any setting.

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Adam: modern sculptures

The Adan collection, designed by Teresa Sapey, brings a unique aesthetic, where modern sculptures are not only pieces of art, but transform any sophisticated environment. A piece full of personality, faceted in shape like a diamond. Lifestyle objects are trend-setting and suit all kinds of styles.

These captivating pieces allow you to achieve a surprising, elegant and unique decoration that awakens the magic of the season in every corner. It is a vase, planter, organiser, book holder or simply a decorative element with infinite uses.

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Maceteros de diseño Adan Glossy de Vondom
Vondom | Decoración navideña para exteriores

Gatsby lamp: luxury and style

The exquisite art deco design of the Gatsby lamps, conceived by Ramón Esteve, brings a touch of style and sophistication to any space. This designer piece stands as an element capable of creating a cosy atmosphere during Christmas nights, transforming every corner into a haven of festive tranquillity.

Inspired by the effervescent decade of the Roaring Twenties, the Gatsby collection pays homage to that vibrant era. It arises from the idea of generating an enveloping atmosphere through a suggestive play of light, achieved through the surfaces of the piece, where the material reproduces the shape and sensations of etched glass.

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Marquis lamp: majestic illumination

The Marquis table lamp, designed by estudi{H}ac, stands as a symbol of majestic illumination, adding a touch of opulence to table decor. The innovative design of Marquis fuses geometric shapes with folding systems, creating a textured exterior formed by simple triangles.

The Marquis table lamp is distinguished by the unique effect of light passing through these shapes, generating a fascinating play of shadows and light that is projected onto the surfaces, evoking the sensation of pleated fabrics.

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At Vondom, we believe that every corner of your home, whether outdoors or indoors, can become a stage for Christmas magic. Discover our collections to transform your spaces into an unforgettable Christmas experience.

Celebrate the season with style, elegance and the distinctive Vondom touch with our outdoor Christmas decorations.

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