La Calinesie Water Park

La Calinesie Water Park

Libourne, France

Vondom’s designer outdoor furniture decorates the various areas of the La Calinesie water park.

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Extraordinary design outdoor furniture 

This water park boasts four areas where Vondom’s designer outdoor furniture has been arranged to give the park a modern and fun style.

The reception patio at La Calinesie is an open-air area featuring designs from the Stones collection created by Stefanno Giovanoni. Outdoor furniture designed with curved lines and shapes that simulate natural elements, combining perfectly with the environment in which they are found, but standing out due to the elegance and comfort that invite you to relax.

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Next is the lobby, an area with great visual strength since the And collection designed by Fabio Novembre, has been established there, a spiral shape ending with a bench allows this furniture to stand out for its cutting-edge design, a characteristic element of the Spanish firm Vondom.

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Vondom’s design outdoor furniture is also present in the summer lagoon, specifically the And and Stones collections which are strategically arranged throughout the area to provide vitality in these areas to take a break before continuing with the fun and enjoyment of the swimming pools, the focus of the summer season.

Our Spritz collection designed by Archirivolto Design has also been selected to offer a dining and relaxation space with a simple, yet attractive style.

This project executed by Buxus Design is a water park where the design and the selection of Vondom’s exterior design furniture make it a unique place, offering much-needed fun and connection on summer days.

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