Sandals Royal Caribbean

Sandals Royal Caribbean

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Caribbean paradise

The resort’s private offshore island, the mysteries of the Orient unfold in a secluded natural setting where casual poolside and beachside pleasures beckon by day, while chic parties, an authentic Thai restaurant, and island-style extravaganzas invite excitement by night. At Jamaica’s most alluring resort, two diverse holidays are woven into one and served with warm island hospitality, making your stay a journey to remember.

The Sandals Royal Caribbean, located in Jamaica, is a luxurious resort with exclusive bungalows where Vondom’s outdoor hotel furniture further enhances the beauty of this idyllic location.


Outdoor hotel furniture from Spanish firm Vondom

At the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort, you can enjoy a luxurious, all-inclusive vacation and live an unforgettable experience, thanks to their finest services, personalized attention and countless activities.

Thank’s to outdoor hotel furniture from Spanish firm Vondom, guests can relax and contemplate the wonderful views where the crystal clear sea merges with the blue colour of the sky.

The Surf sun loungers, designed by Karim Rashid, have been placed in every lavish terrace of this unique hotel complex. Also, thanks to its organic shapes, the Pillow set of armchairs and puff collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni, is a trendy and singular part of this hotel’s setting.


All of Vondom’s patio furniture was designed to enhance sophisticated and unique chill-out areas.

So, this exclusive resort offers you an unparalleled vacation, where Vondom‘s outdoor hotel furniture will make your relaxing moments even more enjoyable.


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