Hotel W Changsha

Hotel W Changsha

Changsha, China

Contemporary accommodation

  • Location Changsha, China
  • Type Hotel
  • Collections Faz, Frame, Stones, Vertex, Voxel
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The W Hotel Changsha is located in Yunda Central Plaza and its architecture is based on the geometric forms of stars.

The modern Vondom outdoor furniture has been installed in the external areas of this luxurious 4-star hotel. Specifically, the StonesFaz, and Vertex collections, designed by Stefano GiovannoniRamón Esteve, and Karim Rashid respectively.


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Vondom outdoor furniture

The garden of this hotel has been designed in different spaces where furniture from the Stones collection, along with Faz high tables and Vertex stools have been installed in a way that guests can rest and contemplate the wonderful garden that surrounds the hotel.

In the adjoining space, the Faz modular sofa has been installed, together with the lamp from the same collection. Designs with straight lines, simple and elegant at the same time, which give modernity, uniqueness, and dim lighting at dusk to this outdoor terrace of the W Hotel Changsha.

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Next to the pool, the Faz Daybed is the unique piece of design that provides guests with a modern haven for rest and relaxation after a swim.

The Voxel armchair and the Frame minimalist table make up an outdoor dining room where guests who so wish can enjoy a delicious breakfast or a memorable gastronomic experience in private. This outdoor furniture from Vondom is located in another of the outdoor spaces of this contemporary hotel.

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Inside the hotel, Vondom furniture with LED lighting has also been installed, specifically, furniture from the Faz collection, designed by Ramón Esteve. This creates a unique atmosphere where it is possible to enjoy a serene and magical environment at the same time.

In short, the outdoor furniture created by the Spanish firm Vondom embellishes, illuminates, and allows the guests of the Hotel W to enjoy a modern and unique environment.

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