Vondom Pillow lounge chairs and planters, by Stefano Giovannoni Vondom Pillow sun loungers, by Stefano Giovannoni


by Stefano Giovannoni

With Pillow, Stefano Giovannoni, one of the most prestigious designers in the world, does an amusing expression to design a genial outdoor furniture collection that evokes a chill-out space created by means of cushions. Mediterranean and warm design, universal as all the creations of master Giovannoni that calls to the relax and to enjoy the life.

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Pillow is inspired by the cosy and soft shape of cushions. The pieces in the collection are made from polyethylene, offering a visually similar aesthetic but with the strength and durability required for outdoor furniture. The intention is to create a contrast between the soft appearance and the solidity of the material, resulting in a unique and contemporary experience.

The material ensures that the pieces are durable, lightweight and easy to maintain. In addition, it allows for a wide range of vibrant colours, providing options to personalise and enliven any outdoor space.

Vondom Pillow lounge chairs and planters loungers, by Stefano Giovannoni
Vondom Pillow sun loungers, by Stefano Giovannoni

Outdoor furniture for creative spaces

Our Pillow collection is completed with different pieces: a lounge chair, a coffee table, a stool, a planter and a sun lounger. Each piece is designed to be combined in a creative way, allowing the creation of unique and fun outdoor spaces.

Its innovative design and visual appeal make it an outstanding choice for those looking for a modern and original style.

Vondom Pillow lounge chairs and planters, by Stefano Giovannoni


Stefano Giovannoni

Stefano Giovannoni

Stefano Giovannoni (1954), interior and industrial designer and architect specialising in plastic products, has collaborated with companies such as Alessi, Cedderoth, Deborah, Fiat, Flos, Hannstar, Helit, Henkel, Kokuyo, Inda, Laufen, Lavazza, Magis, Oras, Oregon Scientific, Seiko, Siemens, 3M, etc… He has designed products of great commercial success including: for Alessi, the “Girotondo” and “Mami” series (plastic products), “Il Bagno Alessi” and the “Bombo” series for Magis. His works are part of the permanent archives of the Centre Georges Pompidou and the MOMA collection in New York.

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