Torre Cuarzo

Torre Cuarzo

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

Avant-garde complex

Vondom design office furniture was placed in the offices located in the lobby on the 9th floor, in the Quartz tower.

  • Location Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
  • Architects Richard Meier & Partners, Diametro Arquitectos, Duhart Design
  • Type Hospitality
  • Collections Adan, And, Blow, Bones, Bum Bum, Faz, Voxel

The Reforma Tower is a skyscraper located on Paseo Reforma, one of the main avenues in Mexico City, and the most important business city centre in Latin America.

This complex is considered the second tallest skyscraper in Mexico comprising of 40 floors, high standing offices, restaurants, a gym, shops and even a hotel.

It´s main attractions are some imposing views and it’s natural lighting Vondom design furniture was placed in the offices located in the lobby on the 9th floor, in the Torre Cuarzo. These elegant collections transformed this space in a unique and luxurious spot.

Office furniture And bench and Blow sofa by Vondom

Torre Cuarzo office furniture by Vondom

The And structure designed by Fabio Novembre, that simulates spirals drawn in the sky, benches that are a part of the Faz collection designed by Ramón Esteve, Blow sofas and the Bum Bum table, that were designed by Stefano Giovanonni and Eugeni Quitllet.

And as usual, designer flowerpots complement these furniture collections. In this case we placed, Adan planters designed by Teresa Sapey, and Bones designed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba. Near to in this coffee bar we installed Voxel chairscontract furniture, designed by Karim Rashid.

Vondom’s collections always play an essential role in creating more open and dynamic spaces.  A perfect combination to this tower’s avant garde decoration.

Office furniture Bones and Adan planters by Vondom
Office furniture Voxel chairs by Vondom

This large architectural project was developed by Richard Meier & Partners, a Pritzker Prize-winning firm, in collaboration with Diametro Arquitectos. In reference to it’s interior design this was developed by Duhart Design.

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Office decoration furniture Faz planters by Vondom

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