Citi bank Milan

Citi bank Milan

Milan, Italy

Transparency and modernity

  • Location Milan, Italy
  • Type Offices
  • Collections Stones
  • Studio L22 Urban & Building
vondom-outdoor-furniture-armchair-sofa-coffee-table-planter-stones (3)

The new Citibank offices are located in the heart of Milan’s financial district. A modern, high-rise, glazed building that makes the most of natural light.

The building’s upper floors have a few terraces equipped with the Vondom outdoor furniture. 

vondom-outdoor-furniture-armchair-sofa-coffee-table-planter-stones (2)

The outdoor furniture consists of a sofa, armchair and central table taken from the Stones collection.

The outdoor furniture used in this project is made up of a sofa, central table and armchairs from the Stones collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni.

Thanks to the design and the greyish tone of the Vondom outdoor furniture, this terrace takes on a modern and sophisticated vibe.

What’s more, Stones planters round off the décor of the panoramic terraces from where breathtaking views of Milan can be enjoyed.

To sum up, the Stones collection, that is part of the Vondom outdoor furniture, results in an outdoor terrace with a modern, versatile, simple and elegant design.


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