Light up your autumn!

Light up your autumn!


With autumn comes the cold weather and natural lighting of spaces is considerably reduced as there are fewer hours of daylight. The autumn lighting we need is warm to brighten our spaces, providing a cosy, pleasant and sensual feeling.

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Bringing warmth and design autumn lighting to the outdoors

In the wake of such unexpected developments as those brought about by the COVID-19 virus, the way we live has been transformed. Now more than ever, we are looking to spend time in outdoor spaces, despite the falling temperatures and reduced natural light.  The lighting of our spaces has become even more important.

At Vondom, we are inspired by nature’s beauty and create pure and original pieces that connect us with the natural world.

To this end, we offer a wide range of unique lighting collections, for residential as well as public spaces. Because of the beauty of their design, establishing a relationship between the luminaire and its architectural and sculptural forms, they recreate a play of light and reduce energy consumption thanks to their LED technology.

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Blanca by Javier Mariscal

For lovers of graphic art, we recommend the Blanca collection, designed by Javier Mariscal. The Blanca floor lamp is inspired by traditional die-cut metal lamps. The form has evolved towards a compact volume of pure geometry, while the texture creates a contrast with these lines, as it draws a bas-relief that reproduces a pattern sketched by Javier Mariscal, to provide the consumer with a relaxing, balanced light which adds personality.

The second light lamp Vondom image

The Second Light by Studio Vondom

The first lighting collection by Vondom, in the shape of beautiful traditional light bulbs, a set of three different lighting sizes designed for indoors and outdoors. Made of polyethylene resin and stainless steel, they convey freshness and elegance, transforming any setting into a harmonious and personal space.

faz lamp by Ramon Esteve image
faz lamp by Ramon Esteve image
faz lamp by Ramon Esteve image

Faz by Ramón Esteve

The Faz floor lamp is inspired by the mineral forms found in nature. It is created via the seductive folds of the faces, creating an interesting play of light and shadow. The Faz lamp is reminiscent of the figure of crystallised quartz, allowing the light to fall on the features that unfold to form attractive volumes.

Marquis lamps image

Marquis by Estudi{H}ac

Marquis was inspired by the cut of diamonds. Its design features polygonal figures which allude to the patterns achieved through their cut.

The play of its clear and stylish forms creates a strong visual impact. The continuous quest for something different allows us to create pieces which have an aesthetic which is both formal and surprising, due to their geometrical interplay.

Table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps add dynamism to the space.

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Wing by A-cero

The WING collection from A-cero originates from the folds resulting from the projection of straight lines and curves intertwined in a dynamic manner. The extreme curves and angles that characterise the most recent phase of the studio at the architectural level are also applied to furniture design, favouring a free, graceful and flowing style that lends itself to movement and abstracts itself, sinuously, from any hint of an octagonality that has already been transcended.

The Autumn Lighting | Vondom

There is no better time for you to light up your spaces in the autumn evenings at the end of the day… It will put a little spin on how our spaces look, increasing the feeling of wellbeing and creating the cosy atmosphere we are all looking for.

Let’s enjoy the autumn lighting!

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