Noma outdoor stools and planters by Javier Mariscal Vondom Noma outdoor stool, table and lamp by Javier Mariscal Vondom Noma planters by Javier Mariscal Vondom


by Javier Mariscal

The Noma Collection, designed by Javier Mariscal for the Spanish brand Vondom, is a group of outdoor items. There was an aim to create a new typology of furniture by combining the functions of a flowerpot and an outdoor table, and thus NOMA was born, a collection characterized by its originality and versatile nature.

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Noma outdoor stools and planters by Javier Mariscal Vondom

The Noma outdoor items

By asking the question “how do we sit down?” three different versions arose that could be adapted into three different environments:

One for a chill-out scene, Low, completed with a very comfortable pouf out of the same collection. Another to be used when seated in a chair or armchair, Medium. And another for a standing position or when sitting on a stool, High, ideal for the pleasure of enjoying a cup of wine outdoors.

The first sketches showed natural shapes, which as the project developed leaned towards more architectural shapes that call to mind a column with a capital or a corbel.

Noma outdoor stool and table design by Javier Mariscal Vondom
Noma outdoor stool and table by Javier Mariscal Vondom
Noma planters by Javier Mariscal Vondom
Noma planters design by Javier Mariscal Vondom

The Noma Collection

They are manufactured by the technological process of rotational molding with ecological material of resin of polyethylene, in great variety of bright shades, what gives an more original and fresh touch to the collection.

The pieces are thought for contract projects as well as for any interior & exterior space.

Noma ottoman and coffee table by Javier Mariscal Vondom


Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal

Javier Mariscal is, First and foremost, an image creator who develops his work using all kinds of supports and disciplines. Furniture design, painting, sculpture, illustrations, interior design, graphic design, landscaping , gardening and so on are all the object of his professional, vital activity. H e has collaborated with compa – nies such as Memphis, Akaba, Bidasoa, BD Ediciones de Dise ñ o, Moroso, Nani Mar quina, Vorwerk, Equipaje, Alessi, Sangetsu, Magis, Cosmic, Amat3, Santa&Cole, Lali que and Phaidon. Mariscal expresses himself using a personal language that is complex in its intention and simple in its statements, innocent yet provocative, that he uses to innovate, risk and communicate. He enjoys provoking the eyes that look at his works and creating complicity with them.

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