Jiunvfeng Studio

Jiunvfeng Studio

Shandong, China

Suspended cloud

Vondom’s modern studio furniture of Africa, Mari-Sol and Wall Street collections furnishes this studio. Designs that combine indoor and outdoor ambiences.

  • Location Shandong, China
  • Type Workspace
  • Collections Africa, Mari-sol, Noma, Rosinante
  • Photography Zystudio, Jin Xiaowen, Pan Bing
  • Text Philip Stevens | Design Boom

Conceived as a ‘suspended cloud’, this white pavilion in China’s Shandong province serves as a visitor centre that offers sweeping views across the mountainous landscape. Designed by Gad · line+ Studio, the structure is located adjacent to the Shenlong Canyon, with Mount Tai, one of China’s five ‘sacred mountains’, to the east. The building itself comprises three main parts: a white membrane canopy, a transparent floor to ceiling glazing, and a thick stone base. The pavilion was constructed in its entirety in just five months.

Modern studio furniture Africa armchairs and Mari-sol tables by Vondom

Contrasting the hard and unforgiving landscape, Gad · line+ Studio designed the pavilion — referred as ‘Jiunvfeng Study’ — to be as light and transparent as possible. “Less is more’  says the design team.

Modern studio furniture Rosinante and Noma by Vondom
Modern studio furniture Rosinante and Noma by Vondom

Visitors enter the pavilion through an opening in the stone walls, before encountering a single long room flanked by two outdoor balconies.

Jiunvfeng modern studio furniture

In addition to the study, which contains books and a variety of seating areas, furnished with Africa chairs and Mari-sol tables, contract furniture that was designed by Eugeni Quitllet. The building also includes a bar elegantly decorated with stools from Vondom’s Wall Street collection. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of the mountains, giving guests the illusion of being high in the treetops. Meanwhile, from a distance, the white structure seems to float gently over the landscape.

Modern studio furniture Africa armchairs and stools, and Mari-sol tables by Vondom

Visitors inside are totally immersed in a relaxed space atmosphere to read and meditate.

Modern studio furniture Rosinante and Noma by Vondom

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