Hacienda Red

Hacienda Red

Palm Hills, Egypt

The house of red

Vondom’s outdoor furniture is the protagonist of the outdoor areas of Hacienda Red, thanks to its red monocolor design that allows the furniture to stand out from the all-white architecture of this mansion.

  • Location Palm Hills, Egypt
  • Type Residential
  • Collections Faz, Noma, Pal, Surf, Wing
  • Interior design Hani Saad innovations
  • Dealer Art of form
vondom-outdoor- furniture-modular-sofa-faz (1)

This summer mansion has been designed for its owner to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere and a creative manifestation of the energy commonly associated with summer.

This is the reason why the outdoor furniture is red; because this colour is associated with vibrant energy, desire, passion, in short, a lively colour that always attracts and is far from irrelevant.



vondom-outdoor- furniture-modular-sofa-faz (2)

The red outdoor furniture stands out against the white

The terrace of this majestic house is divided into different areas and in each one of them you can find Vondom’s outdoor furniture.

In the middle of the outdoor area is the swimming pool, around which the different spaces are distributed. In the closest area, is the Faz modular sofa, providing a space for relaxation and comfort to enjoy the views of the surroundings and the sea breeze.

vondom-outdoor- furniture-sunchaise-surf-auxiliar-table-pal (4)
vondom-outdoor- furniture-sunchaise-surf (3)
vondom-outdoor- furniture-sunchaise-surf-bar-stool-noma (7)

Next to the swimming pool is the Surf lounger with the Pal side table, designed by Karim Rashid. This is a design with curved lines that provides the environment with elegance and a fun style at the same time.

In the outdoor dining area, the Wing chairs designed by A-Cero are yet another part of Vondom’s outdoor furniture.

Similarly, the Noma stool, a design by Javier Mariscal, is part of the outdoor furniture in this residential project. Several units of this design piece complement the minimalist bar.

In short, all of this outdoor furniture is the main feature of this outdoor terrace; in turn, allowing the design and colour of Vondom furniture to arouse an array of emotions.

vondom-outdoor- furniture-chair-wing (5)
vondom-outdoor- furniture-bar-stool-noma(6)

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