Decorate and illuminate your interior design

Decorate and illuminate your interior design


Decorate and illuminate to create inviting atmospheres with our Gatsby and Marquis lamps featuring an elegant and sophisticated design. What are you waiting for? Check them out.

The most important works of our time were created under the soft light of candles, which is no coincidence since the relaxed atmosphere they helped create served as inspiration. Read this article and learn how to decorate and illuminate with Vondom‘s table lamps.

We can all agree that light is an excellent communicator whose dialogue with its surroundings fosters behaviours, emotions and sensations.

Vondom understands the importance of luminosity in architecture. Factors such as its temperature, colour, strength and direction are key in creating a cosy atmosphere in the home.

Decorate and illuminate your interior design | Vondom

Elegant and functional table lamps

Driven by this basic principle, we have worked together with our renowned designers to create two table lamps that have a timeless feel. These lamps not only guarantee comfortable lighting, but they also inspire a better quality of life.

Gatsby, a timeless design

The first creation is Gatsby, designed by Ramón Esteve of Valencia. An updated version of Art Decó lamps, with a clearly new aesthetic and technology.

The carved glass and the lamp’s LED light source make it possible to create a welcoming atmosphere through the intertwining lights that shine on the surface.

Up to 12 hours of cordless autonomy for added convenience. Its three brightness levels are configured with the multi-touch system. The lighting preferences can also be adjusted using a smartphone with Wireless DMX technology.

This lamp is available in two formats: cylindrical and square. There are also three finishes to choose from: crystal, smoked and amber. Regardless of the combination, it always exudes a resounding beauty and gentle light.

Decorate and illuminate your interior design | Vondom
Decorate and illuminate your interior design | Vondom

Marquis, technology and craftsmanship

The second is Marquis, a design by Estudi{H}ac. The perfect balance between technology and craftsmanship, inspired by diamond cutting.

The polygonal-shaped structure exudes a white light from within using LED technology and is battery powered (charger included).

Just like Gatsby, the lamp has a touch system for turning it on and off or adjusting the brightness. It’s also available in three finishes: crystal, smoked and amber.

With its playful lights and oval shape, this hypnotising piece has a strong visual impact and gives new life to any space.

Decorate and illuminate your interior design | Vondom

The power of light: decorate and illuminate

In summary, light is one of the most important pillars of architecture and design. This is what motivated us to create Gatsby and Marquis, two simple yet essential table lamps that help make a house a home. A must-see treat for the eyes.
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