Vondom’s Design for Valentine’s day

Vondom’s Design for Valentine’s day


Let yourself innovate and give the gift of design for Valentine’s day his year. At Vondom, we’ve got a whole lot of proposals for you.

valentine's day

Design for Valentine’s Day

Vondom is an innovative design company, always at the forefront of the furniture and decoration sector to offer you the latest and the best.

We want you to be innovative too; so, this year for Valentine’s Day we’ve got different original and exclusive gifts for you, your partner, your relatives, your home, your office or whoever you choose!

Love chair designed by Eugeni Quitllet

This collection is inspired by the concept of love, a feeling that involves body and soul, invisible to the human eye, but a wondeful embellisher of everything that surround us.

valentine's day

Adan designed by Teresa Sapey

An item with a lot of personality, and a shape which is faceted, like that of a diamond. More than objects, they are multifunctional architecture pieces, since besides being used as vases they can be used as seats, flower pots, auxiliary tables…


Gastby lamp designed by Ramon Esteve

This lamp is based on the idea of creating a surrounding atmosphere through a suggesting play of lights by means of the lamp’s surfaces.

valentine's day

Bum Bum Toro by Eugeni Quitllet

It was born from the principle of not designing objects, but rather musical instruments to be used for another purpose; the same as a person who holds a shell to their ear to hear the ocean.

valentine's day

Marquis lamp designed by Estudi{H}ac

Marquis, originating from the inspiration of diamond cutting. Its polygonal design recalls facets created through cutting. The clear and stylish shapes make a huge visual impact.

valentine's day
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