New fabrics on Vondom furniture

New fabrics on Vondom furniture


We’ve added new soft and top-quality fabrics to Vondom furniture. As a result, the furniture that our design firm will showcase at Salone del Mobile Milano will be more sophisticated and comfortable.

New fabrics on Vondom furniture

Cico, Siesta, Acapulco, and Ikon 36 are the new fabrics that we’ve added to our catalogue. Fabrics with polypropylene fibres that make them highly waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. Therefore, they can be used outdoors with complete peace of mind anywhere in the world and they are even suitable for interiors.

The new fabrics come in a wide range of neutral shades and vibrant tones that blend perfectly with Vondom furniture finishes.

The new fabrics are soft and fresh, as well as other very pleasant sensations to the touch that you’ll also enjoy when sitting on ergonomic upholstery that will transport you to a place where well-being prevails.


Other fabrics such as Nautical, Savane, Silvertex and Velum are already part of our portfolio, but this year we’ve added new trailblazing shades. In this way, every part of Vondom furniture add a touch of harmony and modernity wherever it is located.

What’s more, fabrics such as Crevin and Heritage are made from recycled plastic fibres, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable development, which we support under the name Vondom Revolution to manufacture our designer furniture.



New complement for Vondom furniture

At Vondom, we continue to innovate and develop new techniques to come up with new and cutting-edge products.

The result of these efforts is brought to life in outdoor rugs made from recycled plastic. These decorative complements will be part of the design products that we will showcase at Salone del Mobile Milano.

These rugs are made for the outdoors; as they have UV treatment incorporated, they resist water and high temperatures, and they are also easy to clean and maintain. They are the perfect decorative complement; adding a warm and cosy touch to wherever you place them.

Once again, the use of plastic fibres recovered from the oceans is part of our journey towards a more sustainable future. This time, we’ve used more than 130 plastic bottles for every square metre of rug. This is our grain of sand to help the marine ecosystem and the environment.

To sum up, at Vondom we offer fabrics with extraordinary levels of performance, durability, and design. Tailored and approved to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Stain-resistant treatment, waterproofing, resistance to UV rays, cold cracking, and mould spores, ensure that our furniture can be used in all outdoor spaces and areas with high levels of humidity and chlorine, such as spas and indoor swimming pools.


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