Salone del Mobile 2022 new materials

Salone del Mobile 2022 new materials


At Vondom we have always promoted innovation to offer you excellent quality avant-garde furniture. For this reason, following research carried out by our R&D+i department, we have included new materials that will form part of Vondom‘s outdoor furniture range.

Wood, aluminium, and new fabrics are the protagonists of the furniture range that the Spanish firm will present at Salone del Mobile in Milan. More sustainable elements and more sensitive fibres that champion exclusive designs created to embellish spaces and offer maximum comfort.

At Vondom we will no longer use just plastic materials in our production, we will also use materials that will support the sustainable development of the company, always keeping in mind the best quality and resistance to extreme temperatures.

New collections at Salone del Mobile

The new materials will be combined for use in new collections bearing their own name and also to new products from existing collections in Vondom’s extensive catalogue of outdoor furniture.

These new elements will give rise to neutral tones that will transmit balance and serenity.

Nuevos materiales Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Nuevos materiales Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom
Nuevos materiales Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

In our contract collections, we will also include new products designed by Eugeni Quitllet and Archirivolto Design, among others. In addition, there is now a new option for tabletops, HPL Solid Core, a more sophisticated alternative to create environments with a modern and elegant style.

Warmth and comfort are now a must in new Vondom furniture. For this reason, the padding is now more ergonomic, and the fabrics are softer. The combination of these elements triggers a much more comfortable, more elegant furniture, with an emotional design.

Nuevos materiales Salone del Mobile 2022 | Vondom

In summary, the use of these new materials will help the new Vondom furniture that you will find at the Salone del Mobile to be a more sensational experience. Sensations such as serenity, softness, pleasure, and enjoyment will emerge, as soon as you take your seat.

New Vondom Furniture with new fabrics | Salone del Mobile

New fabrics on Vondom furniture

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