Yabeela Food Court

Yabeela Food Court


Fun is guaranteed

Vondom’s contract furniture decorates Yabeela, it is one of the largest entertainment centers in Bahrain.

  • Localization Bahrain
  • Type Leisure
  • Collections Africa, Faz
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This entertainment zone has been created so that the whole family can have fun. It has a wide variety of games, as well as a food and chill-out area. This is where the modern Vondom contract furniture.

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The Africa armchair and chair, as well as the Faz table, are the contract furniture used in this project.

Yabeela Food is the space that Vondom has equipped with contract furniture designed by Eugeni Quitllet and Ramón Esteve. This area has the Africa armchair and chair that have been combined with the Faz table; providing a modern and fun design, through the selection of colours: navy, pickle and ecru.

Although in this area the highlights are the different gaming and entertainment machines, the Vondom contract furniture acquires importance in the space, giving the whole place an interior design that is brimming with bright colours.

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This large amusement and gaming space has recently opened and is one of the country’s largest leisure centres in Bahrain, in the Al Liwan shopping centre.

It is the perfect place to spend time with family or friends as it has lots of rides for all ages; allowing children and adults to have fun and share many moments of joy, laughter and smiles that enrich and rejuvenate our body.


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