Skull Showcase: Teresa Sapey presents her new collection

Skull Showcase: Teresa Sapey presents her new collection


Madrid has witnessed an event organized by Teresa Sapey and Vondom. The designer, together with her daughter and partner Francesca Heathcote, presented her new and long-awaited “Skull” collection in an exclusive event.

Teresa Sapey y Franchesca, su socia en la presentación de la colección Skull

Inspiration and creativity

During the event, Teresa and Francesca shared the fascinating story behind the creation of the Skull collection. In front of a select audience of design press and clients of both Vondom and Teresa Sapey’s studio.

Teresa recounted how, on her regular aimless strolls through various cities, she frequently came across skulls of different materials and styles in decoration stores and antique stores. These pieces always managed to capture her attention, sparking a creative spark that eventually gave shape to this collection.

"Each piece is a reflection of experiences and the memories of my walks, highlighting the importance of finding beauty and potential in the most unexpected places."

- Teresa Sapey -

A creative and exclusive brunch

The event was not only a visual presentation, attendees enjoyed an exquisite brunch where they could talk directly with Teresa and Francesca about the collection.

Also with Alejandro Diz, our Project Manager, who highlighted the sustainability of the materials of the Skull collection. Alejandro explained how these materials guarantee durability and resistance, aligning with Vondom’s values in ecological and responsible design.

This intimate and relaxed atmosphere allowed for an exchange of ideas and insights into the design and inspiration behind Skull.

Presentación de la nueva colección Skull de Vondom en el estudio de Teresa Sapey
Teresa Sapey diseñadora de la nueva colección Skull de Vondom

One of the most exciting moments of the event was when Teresa Sapey customized live a Skull nano, an exclusive and unique version of the collection, which was then raffled among the attendees. This piece became a tangible symbol of the event, representing the creativity and exclusivity of the Skull collection.

Teresa Sapey‘s Skull collection invites you to see beauty in the unexpected and find inspiration in every corner of the world. Each piece is a reminder that art and nature can merge in surprising ways, transforming everyday objects into extraordinary works of design.

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