Furniture and décor for summer events: weddings, festivals and outdoor terraces.

Furniture and décor for summer events: weddings, festivals and outdoor terraces.


We tell you all the keys to decorate with Vondom’s furniture so that all the summer events you hold are a success.

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Summer is here, and it will be the second year in a row that is altered by the pandemic. Although the situation continues to change, this time around we are more familiar with all the protocols, significant progress has been made with vaccinations, and the sense of security is greater.

This is the year when we can bring back the events we have been yearning for.

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Custom-made furniture

It is just as important to choose a good venue, organize everything accordingly and tailor the menu, as it is to select the right furniture for the event.

Vondom’s furniture collections, for indoor and outdoor settings, are known for their functionality and ability to create special atmospheres. They also serve as decorative elements that will enchant guests, to the point that everyone will want a photo!

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Customise your summer events

Summer goes hand in hand with weddings, fairs, open-air dining, festivals and countless other activities. Spend time getting to know your guests and choosing the right space, and be creative. For example, variables that affect the décor are whether a party has a theme or will be held in the evening.

Vondom sells daybeds, chairs, tables, stools, flowerpots, bars, loungers and even fun items like the Rosinante rocker designed by Eero Aarnio. Add a personal touch with our varied finishes (lacquer or matte), LED lighting, and simple colours like ecru or daring tones along the lines of pistachio or red. There are countless alternatives for creating unique spaces.

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The perks of summer

Make the most of summer events! Create Mediterranean styles with collections such as Solid by Stefano Giovannoni or the new Vineyard daybed by Ramón Esteve. And keep the party going with our Vela, Fiesta or Faz bars, which are modular, compatible with lighting and have a great deal of storage capacity. Top them off with Mari-Sol high tables by Eugeni Quitllet and stools from Spritz by Archirivolto Design or Adan by Teresa Sapey.

Keep in mind that most of our collections are made of plastic that is not only able to withstand the summer weather, but is also easy to clean and disinfect. Guaranteed safety against the coronavirus.

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Creative décor

By now, you are familiar with our many finishes, but remember that you can also play with the shapes by choosing simple, oval-shaped pieces from the Stones collection by Stefano Giovannoni, or innovative designs like And by Fabio Novembre and Lava by Karim Rashid.

Above all, skip conventional concepts and be sure to amaze your guests. For example, a wedding in a historic location could go perfectly with Bloom lamps by Eugeni Quitllet since antique and modern elements make the perfect combination. If your venue is white, then add colours or choose furniture with LED lighting that moves to the beat of the music. And for a green touch, choose Marquis flowerpots by Estudi{H}ac or Noma by Javier Mariscal.

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These are just some of the many events this season for which Vondom can add a spectacular designer touch. Long live summer events!

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