Fuzhou Marriott Hotel Riverside

Fuzhou Marriott Hotel Riverside

Fuzhou, China

Heart of the Ocean

This hotel has a wedding chapel in which Vondom furniture has turned it into a place that has an unparalleled avant-garde design.

  • Location Fuzhou, China
  • Type Hotel
  • Collections Solid, Fiesta & Wing

The Fuzhou Marriot Hotel is a 4-star accommodation that has a wedding chapel with an avant-garde design, thanks to the modern Vondom furniture.

This chapel is located in the centre of a beautiful open-air garden surrounded by several water channels. This is the reason why it has received the name Heart of the Ocean

Inside you will find Vondom furniture, characterised by its avant-garde design. Specifically, the tables and tools from the Wing collection designed by A-Cero.


Likewise, the Solid collection designed by Stefano Giovannoni is also present in this unique project.

The organic lines of Vondom’s furniture collections have created the perfect combination to go with the sinuous lines of the architecture.


Outside the chapel is the Fiesta bar designed by Archirivolto Design. An avant-garde designer piece created to decorate event venues and convey a free and uninhibited spirit among guests. And with which it is easier and more pleasant to enjoy exclusive and elegant parties.

This space stands out for being modern and serene as well as bright and sophisticated, for an atmosphere of well-being and beauty.

The colour of the chapel is accentuated on a base of whitish tones that are established on everything from the architectural elements to Vondom’s avant-garde designer furniture. Thus, a symphony is created that allows weddings to be visualised as totally pure and true acts.


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