Decorations for a modern Christmas

Decorations for a modern Christmas


A modern Christmas decoration is very important, it is the time of the year when many spaces are filled with magic, lights and trees under which we leave the presents for our children and adults; because we must never lose the illusion!

A Modern Christmas Decoration | Vondom

Christmas is just around the corner, so it is time to start thinking about what Christmas decorations we are going to use to decorate our spaces, whether lights and trees or Christmas accessories that are full of fantasy, charm, light and eagerness.

This year, Christmas will be extra special. The COVID-19 pandemic has, for the most part, subsided and we will now be able to enjoy Christmas with family and friends, as well as celebrate being able to come together in a safe environment once again.

Therefore, it is important that the Christmas decorations match our eagerness to enjoy this Christmas like never before.

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Tips for a modern Christmas decoration

At Vondom, we opt for modern Christmas decorations, that create enthralling atmospheres that leave no one indifferent.

Our Chrismy and Forest trees are one such example of modern Christmas decoration.

Chrismy designed by Teresa Sapey is a renewed classic, refined in its timeless modernity and easily adaptable. This tree comes in 5 different sizes.

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Forest, designed by Ramón Esteve, is a Christmas tree with clean and refined lines, in other words, it is a restrained and elegant Christmas tree that comes in 4 different sizes.

Common features

-Christmas trees suitable for indoors and outdoors

-Christmas accessories with a unique design

-Available in nano version. A small Christmas tree that shouldn’t go amiss on your Christmas wish list.

-The RGB LED lighting system creates an enveloping atmosphere through light and colour, which can be adjusted according to the time of day and the ambience sought.

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There is now a new version of Adan nano, designed by Teresa Sapey: Adan Glossy. Made of polycarbonate, a material that offers transparency,  increased capacity and weight. The design therefore gains in terms of stability, consolidating itself as a star ally when it comes to decorating a wide range of spaces. It becomes a magical piece whose geometry, when combined with translucent colours and light, creates an aura of transparency and reflections that shines on its own. All these characteristics make it possible to use it as a unique Christmas accessory. Available in 5 different colours inspired by precious stones.…

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Gastby, the lamp designed by Ramon Esteve is reminiscent of Art Deco lighting; it reminds us of those heady 20s where luxury and elegance were of particular relevance among the high society of the time. The lamp was inspired by the idea of creating an enveloping atmosphere through a suggestive play of light that is achieved through its surfaces, where the material mirrors the shape and sensations of engraved glass.

Marquis is the lamp designed by Estudi{H}ac created from the characteristic geometry of the folding system inspired by folded paper moulds, creating a new layer of textures formed by straightforward triangles. The illumination produced by the light as it passes through these shapes is dazzling due to the play of shadows and light that it transmits on the surfaces, projecting a world of textures reminiscent of pleated fabrics.

Common characteristics


-Light graduation.

-The colour to be projected at any given moment can be chosen.

Christmas decoration image
Christmas decoration image
Christmas decoration image

At this special time of year, Vondom would like to help you decorate your home or wherever you choose to use our products; so that, in that space, there is a sense of hope and eagerness to enjoy this Christmas unlike ever before.

Christmas decoration image
Christmas decoration image
Christmas decoration image
Christmas decoration image
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