Smart hotel


This is the number 6 hotel that this new chain opens in Germany. Although this is the first they locate next to an airport. And as the chain´s manager points out : “The new location, near to Munich´s airport, opens up a whole new market for us, this is why we are very excited and are expecting new challenges.”

This new hotel has been designed by Karim Rashid, based on a “democratic” idea. In other words, a top designer hotel suitable for everyone, not just for wealthy people. Which makes this a unique hotel; not only because of it´s interior lay out, but because of it´s suitability to all kinds of guests, without neglecting the exclusiveness and comfort that it´s visitors deserve.

In addition to these “positive vibes”, it can be described as a “Smart hotel”; This hotel stands out for all the technology it has incorporated to it´s facilities, as cutting-edge tecnology and devices have been installed, such as the self-check-in terminal, inductive charging stations and smart televisions

In the hotel’s dining room Karim Rashid has choosen to place his best beller manufactured by Vondom, the Voxel chair, making this space stand out because of it’s design and colouring.



*The specific colour of these chairs was exclusively created just for this hotel.

Erfurt, Germany

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