Who we are

A lifestyle, a way of being. That’s Vondom. Vanguard In & Out furniture made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, innovators, curious types… like you, who enjoy fashion and trends, and demand the best quality in everything around them.

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We are Vondom

Design, design, design!

Design culture is the key to our success. This is what pushes us to create new collections that give spaces a new dimension. We create dialogue between environment and form. Vondom design furniture pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s about, creating atmospheres where we can take hold of life and feel that we are here to live it, enjoy it and surround ourselves with beauty.

Temptation Hotel, Cancún México

Temptation Hotel Image
Temptation Hotel Image
Temptation Hotel Image

Our design Masters

We travel the world until we find the best ambassadors of the Vondom spirit: Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Javier Mariscal… Renowned designers and architects from all over, it doesn’t matter where. What counts is their passion for shapes, culture and the vanguard. They transform each piece of design furniture into an exclusively “Vondom” mode of expression.

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Spreading design culture

All this without forgetting the richness of our surroundings. At Vondom we research and innovate to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Our production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A knowhow that we share at workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events.

Vondom Magazine

Download our Magazine to learn more about Vondom, our values, the sustainable commitment called Revolution, the value of innovation, our latest designs, what’s to come and much more.

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Around the world

Vondom has broad international recognition. Our design culture is expanding and sought after in many countries, which is what has allowed us to grow and grow. We currently have two flagship stores, ten single brand showrooms and many shops around the world.

A sophisticated soul. A spirit of the vanguard. The Vondom essence can be found in more than 80 countries in the world.

Showroom New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Toronto & Shanghai

Vondom | New showroom in our factory & headquarters
Showroom València
Vondom new showroom | A dome design
Dome Showroom València
Vondom | New Ciudad de México showroom
Showroom Ciudad de México
Vondom | New Cancún showroom
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Showroom New York
Showroom Los Angeles Image
Showroom Los Angeles
Showroom Miami
There you can also find designer furniture made of different materials. Vondom now produces outdoor furniture with different materials such as plastic fibres, aluminium, wood, among others. Each of these materials has its own characteristics and advantages that give the furniture durability, resistance and excellent quality. In short, Vondom's designer furniture can now also be found in the new Ard Outdoor showroom located in Toronto, Canada-14
Showroom Toronto
Showroom Shangai Image
Showroom Shangai
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