Milos planters, design and tradition

Milos planters, design and tradition


The Milos collection, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, redefines the design experience in contemporary spaces. It features new planters with a stucco texture, true works of art that capture the essence of innovation and Mediterranean tradition.

Made of polyethylene, these planters represent a real aesthetic and functional revolution in outdoor and indoor decoration. They are the first to feature a stuccoed texture, meticulously developed to emulate the finesse and charm of traditional ceramics.

Vondom Milos planters texture, by Jean-Marie Massaud

Vondom Milos planters, by Jean-Marie Massaud

A stuccoed texture that adds a handcrafted touch

The most striking aspect of the Milos planters is undoubtedly their stuccoed texture. Designed to reproduce handmade ceramics, this texture not only gives each piece a unique character, but also contributes to an unparalleled tactile sensation, making them appear to be made from another, more traditional material.

This characteristic makes them the perfect complement for modern spaces as well as for more rustic or classic atmospheres.

Versatility in sizes and finishes

Available in six different sizes, Milos textured planters adapt to any space and need. The three large format versions (38 cm, 67 cm and 115 cm high) are ideal for making stylistic statements in large spaces.

While the three nano sizes (8 cm, 15 cm and 28 cm high) are perfect for use as props on the tables of the Milos collection.

In addition, with 15 different finishes, Milos offers decorative flexibility that allows you to personalise any environment to the fullest.

Vondom Milos planters, by Jean-Marie Massaud

Jean-Marie Massaud draws inspiration from Mediterranean nature

The Milos collection is the result of a fruitful collaboration with the renowned French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, who has been inspired by nature to create a line that combines simplicity with functionality. The choice of materials and textures reflects a deep respect and understanding of the natural environment, something that Massaud has perfectly integrated into each piece of this collection.

For this new collaboration with Vondom, I wanted to evoke the original identity of this brand born between the sea and the mountains in València
— Jean-Marie Massaud —


The innovative stucco texture of Milos planters, combined with a wide range of sizes and finishes, makes them the ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their design projects.

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